Core competitiveness

  • Custom-adaptable service

    We are always committed to needs of customers,and improving production efficiency by adapting personalized matching.

  • R&D and Innovation

    We have abilities of innovation and technological research and development.

  • Combination of injection moulding and robotic system

    We can design production project according to your requirement,from supplying injection moulding machines,assembling extraman to equipping with robotic system.

What we can do

  • Encapsulation of insert and injection moulding

    Encapsulation of insert and injection moulding is highly efficient process by which metal stampings,bushings electro-mechnical parts,filtration materials and other discrete parts ar...

  • Screwdriver injection moulding

    Sophiscated projecton for small batch production or mass production by 8 cavities per one mould.Sophiscated projecton for small batch production or mass production by 8 cavities per...

  • Multi-color (component)injection moulding

    Multi-component molding is the composition of two or more different components into one plastic part to achieve a specific function by means of the injection process. The specific f...

  • Thermoset injection moulding

    Thermoset injection moulding process begins by adding granular or pelletized material to a hopper.Material is gravity fed into a barrel and screw,which heats and moves the material ...

  • Micro injection moulding

    Applying a smaller parts molded by a standard moulding machines has a limited success.Micro injection moulding is about a processing technology using extremely high pressure and spe...

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